Hang in there, it will come


As I write in the present, I begin to feel the new me. 

I begin to feel a “change”

A “change” I have been waiting for so long

I have been trying, trying to figure out who I am. 

Following the crowd, amidst a hot summers day,

pleasing members and trying to be accepted.

Accepted for what? for not being me.

Who am I? I would ask, Who am I? 

The echoes would surround me

The fear of not knowing,

feeling apprehensive of being identified.

Identified as what?….ssshhhh.

It’s all in the mind, no-one knows.

Be kind to yourself, breathe

Allow yourself to dream big,

allow yourself to grow,

you have been hurt, trapped and silence. 

Its your time to blossom, its your time to shine,

Let yourself go, be free

and you will see the beauty of life.

Allow yourself to be determined and you will find success,

allow yourself to love, and you will receive compassion.

Love- and reject hate,

Hope, and wave goodbye to sadness.

Despite the chains that you’ve been tied to,

and the ropes that have stripped you off all hope,

raise your voice, and sing in harmony. 

For change is to come.

No, wait,

it will come.







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