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it’s just fear, they say

It’s been a while now since I’ve last posted and honestly, I just haven’t had the chance to post.

I’ve been ridiculously busy with studies, especially being in my final year, so much has been happening, deadlines are around the corner; writing a dissertation, planning an assignment, exams and applying for graduate jobs. You name it.

I can’t believe its happening so fast; I almost feel as though I haven’t been given a chance to breathe.

Honestly, I cannot believe that I’ve applied for graduate jobs already. JOBS. I mean this isn’t like any other job I’ve applied for, its a dream job.I mean, is it too soon? am I ready? can I handle the responsibility? so many thoughts rushing through my mind. Leaving me questioning myself, questioning what I want in life?  whether this is right for me? or whether I can handle this? 

finish line
This is fear.

And fear will honestly prevent you from achieving what you want to achieve,

It will make you doubt yourself

It will sabotage you.

And ruin you, if you allow it to. And Yes fear can be a friend. It can be helpful. So long as you do not let it overpower you.

You need to be in control and confident. And know EXACTLY what you want in life. Otherwise, your fears will take control; it will manifest itself through every aspect of your life. Preventing you from seeing or even living your dreams. It’s not a good way to live and will cause you to shy away.  A way I respond to these repetitive questions that arise because of fear is by:

  •  asking myself why.

Why did I choose this degree? why did I apply for this job and what do I want to do long-term?


By having answers to these questions, makes me confident in the decisions I have had to make.  The key is having answers. If you don’t have an answer then that may heighten many emotions.

I’m not perfect and I’m still learning. But I do keep going and remind myself to


A x


2 thoughts on “it’s just fear, they say

  1. Congratulations on being this far along! And don’t fear but enjoy this time! No one expects a graduate to know everything when they hire them, in fact, they know they will have to train them. So enjoy the process! All will be well. 🙂

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    1. Aw thanks so much! It’s the high expectations others have that does throw me off a bit but, I will hopefully overcome that. I appreciate the reminder and well wishes, means a lot ☺️

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