What is shame?

Who is shame? how does one define it.

Shame is the feeling that you’re not worthy. It’s the feeling that you’re unloved and bad.

It’s the feeling of being inadequate.

The feeling of being humiliated.

How debilitating.

The feeling of being torn.

After being kept warm. 

It’s that uncomfortable feeling you sit with, when you begin to talk about painful thoughts and experiences.

Shame is that awful feeling you feel within, which causes you to not sit still.

*Becoming restless and fidgety.*

It’s that feeling which suffocates you.

Drowns you in your thoughts.

How many times was I caught?

Shame is a dangerous obstacle.

Unlike Brazil’s tropical. 

It’s deep, dark and dangerous.

Continuously causing you to jump hurdles 

Trying to get through the struggles. 

Shame is an awful feeling to experience and can actually prevent us from enjoying our lives. I’ll share one tip that I’m applying to overcome shame:

Tip1: accepting that other people’s behaviour and attitude has nothing to do with you.

It’s hard, I mean I’m still trying to tell myself that I’ve not done anything wrong. It’s a gradual process but, remember to





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