First blog post

Hey all

I’d like to say welcome on board!

Namaste, bienvenue, bemvindo, bienvenidos, welkom, soo dhawow, wilkommen!

I’ve not blogged before nor, have I ever published my work, so this is a completely new experience, its extremely frightening but, but, I feel the need to share my experience and creativity and let the world know that we aren’t all perfect.

I’m not perfect. It probably doesn’t sound wise to get tips from someone who is not where she wants to be, is what some would say, but, the struggles and traumas of life is what has gotten me where I am today, its made me the person I am today and I will use that to create my future.I want to be able to help you and reach out to you, wherever you are in the world, no matter what stage in the journey you are on. I want you to join me.  Thats why I call it a journey. Hop on board. 

I’m a student and on a journey to discovering more about myself.

Life has not been easy, it’s still not easy but, sometimes you’ve got to go through pain, sweat and blood to see the diamond on the other side. Your destination will be beautiful.

Hopefully, in my writing you’ll be able to discover who I am and I can share my creativity with you.

Remember beboldhideless. 







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